03 April 2012

a little town by the sea.

if I grew up in italy, it would have been in portovenere. and if I grew up in portovenere, my life would be similar to the one I know now. I would still have learned the same lessons of my childhood. (with less snow?) I would still have yearned for an escape only to long to return the moment I left. I would still have appreciated the beauty and significance of my home only after I had left it.

so many reminders of life in a small town balancing precariously between tourism and daily life. so many reminders of a tight knit community somehow entrusted to care for and cultivate a little piece of paradise. life surrounded by the salted waters of the ligurian sea or the fresh waters of the lake I love best. tiny islands holding the ruins of lighthouses or victorian tea houses. specialty shops selling locally made pesto or locally roasted coffee beans. masters of handmade ceramic boats or tiny pinecone pendants.

every person was my person in one way or another. these people. and their crafts. were my people. my mom, the beautiful woman serving dinner and chatting with locals at the most popular restaurant in town. my dad, the skilled skipper manning the helm of a strong and sturdy boat with confidence. my grandmother, the tiny italian women with her legs dangling above the ground while sitting and chatting with her friends. my friends, ignoring the tourists and continuing in daily life of soccer games and first loves. my brother, happiest in the sun and on the water. or in simpler times, he was one of the boys, bored and waiting for the fish to bite. (but would he be the one without pants?) could we have been so close as to sit on the crumbling rock wall together?


Jyndia said...

Love this post!! I can see so many similarities in my hometown as well. Love your words darlin

Unknown said...

Thank you, honey. Love Mom

Dina Beck said...

Absolutely beautiful Cari! Wow - How I miss my trips to Italy...I always escaped there and it was amazing!!! Enjoy this precious time! Love you! Dina